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David Russell, a dedicated combat veteran and family man, is running for Lancaster County Commissioner for District 4 to bring his extensive leadership experience and deep commitment to service to his beloved community.


As a political outsider with a background as a non-commissioned officer (NCO) and a combat veteran in Iraq and various leadership roles in the public and private sectors, David views this candidacy as a unique opportunity to make a meaningful difference.


Inspired by his immigrant father’s 23-year service in the United States Air Force, David's global upbringing and firsthand experiences in Iraq have given him a profound appreciation for his community.


With a BS in Management Information Systems from Bellevue University and continued service his in the Middle East with the DOD and State Department. David's passion for service and unwavering dedication to Lancaster County make him the ideal candidate to ensure a safe, thriving, and prosperous county for all residents.

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 Leading with Integrity. 
 Serving with Heart. 


Transparency & Accountability
in Government

As your County Commissioner, I will ensure that Lancaster County operates with complete transparency and accountability. I believe in an open government where residents can easily access information about how their tax dollars are being spent. By implementing clear and effective communication channels, I will make sure that every decision is made in the best interest of our county.

Public Safety & Community Well-being

A safe community is a thriving community. I will work diligently to support our law enforcement and emergency services, ensuring they have the resources they need to protect our residents. Additionally, I will advocate for programs that address mental health, substance abuse, and other social issues that impact public safety and community well-being.

Affordability & Cost of Living

Ensuring that Lancaster County remains an affordable place to live is essential for our community’s well-being. I will work to lower property taxes and advocate for policies that reduce the cost of living for families, including affordable housing, healthcare, and childcare. By managing resources wisely and prioritizing essential services, we can make our county a more affordable and attractive place to live.

Responsible Fiscal Management

Managing our county’s finances with prudence and responsibility is crucial. I am committed to ensuring that taxpayer dollars are spent efficiently and effectively, prioritizing essential services without unnecessary expenditures. By fostering a culture of fiscal discipline, we can achieve long-term financial stability and invest in the future of Lancaster County.

Economic Development
& Job Creation

Creating a robust local economy with ample job opportunities is a top priority. I will support initiatives that attract new businesses, help existing ones grow, and promote workforce development. By fostering a business-friendly environment and investing in infrastructure, we can boost economic growth and improve the quality of life for all residents.

Sustainable Growth
& Infrastructure

As Lancaster County continues to grow, it is essential to plan for sustainable development. I will advocate for smart growth policies that balance economic development with the preservation of our natural resources. By investing in modern infrastructure and transportation systems, we can support our growing population while maintaining the unique character of our community.

 Nebraska Lt. Governor Joe Kelly 


"I am delighted to endorse David Russell for Lancaster County Commissioner in District 4. His proven leadership as a combat veteran, dedication to public service, and commitment to our community make him an outstanding candidate. He brings a wealth of experience and a strong sense of duty, qualities that are essential for effective governance. David's focus on transparency, responsible fiscal management, and economic development are values we uphold in Nebraska. I am confident that his vision and integrity will drive positive change and foster a thriving, prosperous Lancaster County. David Russell is the leader we need."

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