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 Family Man, USAF Veteran 

The conservative combat veteran and
political outsider for Lancaster County.

David Russell is running for Lancaster County Commissioner for District 4, driven by a deep commitment to serve the people of Lancaster County. As a political outsider, he sees this as a unique opportunity to make a difference. As a non-commissioned officer (NCO) and combat veteran with extensive service in Iraq and leadership roles in both the public and private sectors, he views his candidacy as another opportunity to serve his country and beloved community.

From a young age, David was inspired by his father and grandfather to serve his country. His father, an immigrant, served 23 years in the United States Air Force, instilling in Dave the values of service and sacrifice. Growing up around the world and experiencing diverse cultures gave Dave a unique perspective on the importance of community and dedication. His firsthand experiences in Iraq reinforced his belief in the profound impact individuals can have on their communities.

After his military service, David pursued higher education, earning a BS in Management Information Systems from Bellevue University after attending Creighton University. He continued his service in various roles with the DOD and State Department across Iraq and the Middle East, further honing his leadership skills and commitment to public service.


David is also a devoted family man. He and his wife Denette are proud parents of three children and grandparents to one grandchild. Dave's deep appreciation for family and community drives his commitment to making Lancaster County a safe, thriving, and prosperous place for all its residents.

With his strong leadership abilities, passion for service, and unwavering dedication to his community, David Russell is an ideal candidate for Lancaster County Commissioner. He is ready to bring his extensive experience and heartfelt commitment to serve the people of Lancaster County.

David Russell serving as a military contractor in Iraq


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