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LIBA PAC Endorses David Russell for Lancaster County Commissioner

Lincol, NE — David Russell, candidate for Lancaster County Commissioner in District 4, is honored to receive the endorsement of the Lincoln Independent Business Association Political Action Committee (LIBA PAC). This endorsement underscores Russell’s leadership, versatility, and dedication to the community.

LIBA PAC issued a statement expressing their support:

“David Russell, a combat veteran and Director of Digital Solutions, has demonstrated leadership and versatility in service to the community. His campaign focuses on transparency, public safety, fiscal responsibility, economic development, affordable living, and sustainable growth. His vision for a safe and economically booming community aligns with LIBA’s mission. Vote for David Russell!”

David Russell’s campaign centers on core values that resonate deeply with Lancaster County residents. His commitment to transparency, public safety, and fiscal responsibility, combined with his focus on economic development and sustainable growth, aligns perfectly with the needs and aspirations of the community.

“I am honored to receive the endorsement of LIBA PAC,” said Russell. “Their support highlights our shared commitment to fostering a safe, prosperous, and thriving community. I look forward to working together to achieve these goals and ensure a bright future for all residents of Lancaster County.”

For more information about David Russell’s campaign and his vision for Lancaster County, please visit

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