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Red Way project as "a failed riverboat gamble bankrolled by taxpayers,"

The Nebraska Auditor's report on the Red Way project is more than a document; it's a wake-up call for Lancaster County. It reveals not just a failure in a single project but indicative of a broader issue in the management of public funds. As someone seeking to serve as a county commissioner, these revelations deeply concern me and are part of the reason I am running for office.
This report details the mishandling of funds by the Lincoln Airport Authority, City of Lincoln and Lancaster County in its dealings with Fly Next LLC (Red Way). It points out the lack of transparency and accountability in the administration of public funds, which are not just government resources but the hard-earned money of Lancaster County’s residents. As custodians of these funds, it is our duty to ensure they are used wisely, efficiently, and transparently.The report, in its thoroughness, lays bare the faults in our current system. It notes the questionable decisions made, the lack of oversight, and the failure to adhere to standard financial practices. This scenario should never be allowed to happen. It undermines public trust and weakens the foundation of our local governance.
It's clear that change is needed. We must implement stricter oversight, improve financial controls, and ensure complete transparency in all public dealings. For too long our local elected officials have just rubber stamped everything. As someone that is running for District 4 County Commissioner, I would prioritize establishing robust systems to analyze, monitor and review projects that utilize public funds. Proper and Regular contract reviews, audits, public disclosures, and open communication would be the cornerstone of my approach to fiscal management.
Furthermore, this call for change is not just for those in office but for every resident of Lancaster County. It's our collective responsibility to hold our elected officials accountable. This should be a career defining moment for our local elected officials. In any other business it would be. Voting is a powerful tool in ensuring that those who manage public funds do so with integrity and responsibility. Public funds are not just a line item on a balance sheet. Those funds have faces of every resident of this county. It is time to vote for people that want to work for all people in Lancaster County, not just to serve themselves.
The Red Way debacle serves as a reminder of the importance of vigilance in public office. As a community, we must demand better, expecting nothing less than the highest standards of fiscal responsibility and integrity from our elected officials. The future of Lancaster County depends on it. We must learn from this episode and work towards a system that is transparent, accountable, and worthy of the public’s trust.

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