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Nebraska Lt. Governor Joe Kelly Endorses David Russell for Lancaster County Commissioner in District 4

Lancaster County, NE, [Date] – David Russell, candidate for Lancaster County Commissioner in District 4, is honored to announce the endorsement of Nebraska Lieutenant Governor Joe Kelly. Lt. Governor Kelly’s endorsement emphasizes Russell’s proven leadership, dedication to public service, and commitment to fostering a thriving community.

In his endorsement, Lt. Governor Joe Kelly stated,

“I am delighted to endorse David Russell for Lancaster County Commissioner in District 4. His proven leadership as a combat veteran, dedication to public service, and commitment to our community make him an outstanding candidate. He brings a wealth of experience and a strong sense of duty, qualities that are essential for effective governance. David's focus on transparency, responsible fiscal management, and economic development are values we uphold in Nebraska. I am confident that his vision and integrity will drive positive change and foster a thriving, prosperous Lancaster County. David Russell is the leader we need.”

David Russell’s extensive experience as a combat veteran and his active involvement in public service highlight his dedication to the community. His campaign is built on key principles that resonate with the values of Lancaster County residents, including:

  • Transparency & Accountability in Government: Russell is committed to ensuring that county operations are transparent and accountable, allowing residents easy access to information about how their tax dollars are being spent.

  • Responsible Fiscal Management: Russell emphasizes the importance of managing taxpayer dollars efficiently, prioritizing essential services, and fostering a culture of fiscal discipline.

  • Economic Development & Job Creation: Russell supports initiatives that attract new businesses, help existing ones grow, and promote workforce development to boost economic growth and improve the quality of life for all residents.

“I am deeply honored to receive the endorsement of Lt. Governor Joe Kelly,” said Russell. “His support underscores our shared commitment to transparency, responsible governance, and economic development. I am dedicated to leading with integrity and ensuring that Lancaster County continues to prosper.”

For more information about David Russell’s campaign and his vision for Lancaster County, please visit

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