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Lincoln City Councilman Tom Duden Endorses David Russell for Lancaster County Commissioner in District 4

LINCOLN, NE – David Russell, candidate for Lancaster County Commissioner in District 4, is proud to announce the endorsement of Lincoln City Councilman Tom Duden, a former Lincoln Police Department officer. Councilman Duden’s endorsement highlights Russell’s exceptional character, proven leadership, and unwavering commitment to the community.

Councilman Tom Duden expressed his strong support for Russell, stating,

“As a former Lincoln Police Department Officer and Lincoln City Councilmember for District 2, I am pleased to endorse David Russell for Lancaster County Commissioner in District 4. David's remarkable military background and his proven leadership as a combat veteran stand as a testament to his exceptional character and capabilities. In my line of work, assessing someone's integrity and dedication is paramount, and David passes this test with flying colors. His commitment to transparency, responsible governance, and community well-being will greatly benefit Lancaster County. David Russell is exactly the kind of principled leader we need to navigate the challenges ahead and ensure a prosperous future for our community.”

David Russell’s extensive experience as a combat veteran and his dedication to public service are central to his campaign. His focus on transparency, responsible fiscal management, and enhancing community well-being aligns with the values and needs of Lancaster County residents. Russell is committed to ensuring that county operations are transparent and accountable, supporting law enforcement and emergency services, and advocating for programs that address mental health, substance abuse, and other social issues impacting public safety.

“I am honored to receive the endorsement of Councilman Tom Duden,” said Russell. “His support reflects our shared commitment to integrity, responsible governance, and the well-being of our community. I am dedicated to leading with these values and working tirelessly to ensure that Lancaster County continues to thrive.”

For more information about David Russell’s campaign and his vision for Lancaster County, please visit

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