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Lancaster County Commissioner Matt Schulte Endorses David Russell for Lancaster County Commissioner in District 4

LINCOLN, NE – David Russell, candidate for Lancaster County Commissioner in District 4, is proud to announce the endorsement of Matt Schulte, the current Lancaster County Commissioner for District 3. Schulte’s endorsement highlights Russell’s exemplary leadership, commitment to community, and proven ability to drive positive change.

Commissioner Matt Schulte expressed his strong support for Russell, stating,

“Lancaster County needs a great leader like David Russell. His commitment to our community is evident through his extensive work in the Air Force and in community energy, where he has consistently demonstrated his ability to bring people together and create positive change. In a time when strong, principled leadership is more critical than ever, David stands out as a candidate who not only understands the challenges we face in Lancaster County but also possesses the vision, integrity, and dedication required to address them effectively.”

David Russell’s extensive experience in the Air Force, coupled with his active involvement in community initiatives, underscores his dedication to public service and his ability to foster unity and progress. His campaign focuses on enhancing public safety, promoting economic development, and ensuring responsible governance. Russell is committed to transparency and accountability in government, supporting law enforcement and emergency services, and advocating for programs that address mental health and substance abuse. Additionally, he aims to keep property taxes low, reduce the cost of living, and manage taxpayer dollars efficiently to achieve long-term financial stability.

“I am honored to receive the endorsement of Commissioner Matt Schulte,” said Russell. “His support reflects our shared commitment to the well-being and prosperity of Lancaster County. I am dedicated to leading with integrity and vision, ensuring that our community continues to thrive.”

For more information about David Russell’s campaign and his vision for Lancaster County, please visit

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