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Former County Commissioner Bernie Heier Endorses David Russell for Lancaster County Commissioner in District 4

LINCOLN, NE – David Russell, candidate for Lancaster County Commissioner in District 4, is thrilled to announce the endorsement of Bernie Heier, former County Commissioner for District 4. Heier’s endorsement underscores Russell’s integrity, leadership, and commitment to addressing key issues in Lancaster County.

Sharing his endorsement, Bernie Heier stated,

“As a former County Commissioner for District 4, I know firsthand the qualities needed to lead effectively. David Russell is a combat veteran and a respected leader whose honesty and dedication to public safety, reducing taxes, and addressing out-of-control county spending are exactly what our community needs. I wholeheartedly endorse David for County Commissioner of District 4, confident that his vision and integrity will drive positive change for our county.”

David Russell brings a wealth of experience as a combat veteran and respected leader. His platform focuses on enhancing public safety, reducing taxes, and implementing responsible fiscal policies to curb excessive county spending. Russell’s dedication to these principles reflects his commitment to improving the quality of life for all residents of Lancaster County.

“I am honored to receive the endorsement of former District 4 Commissioner, Bernie Heier,” said Russell. “His confidence in my vision and integrity is deeply appreciated. I am committed to serving the residents of District 4 with the same dedication and honesty that Bernie exemplified during his tenure.”

Russell’s campaign is built on a foundation of strong leadership, integrity, and a commitment to addressing the pressing issues facing Lancaster County. His extensive experience and dedication to public service make him the ideal candidate to lead District 4.

For more information about David Russell’s campaign and his vision for Lancaster County, please visit

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